What is SFA (sales support system)?

 SFA is an abbreviation for Sales Force Automation, a method of innovating the sales process through the use of IT. Using this total sales support system, salespeople can access the system from their PCs or mobile devices and centrally manage information necessary for sales activities, such as customer information, negotiation information, and daily reports.

In addition, managers can manage the entire sales team's projects, processes, and progress to improve the efficiency of sales activities.

Main functions of SFA (sales support system)  https://slimtime.co.jp/

Customer management

Case management

Prospect management

Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting, etc.

A sales forecast or a list of deals managed in Excel does not tell you the status of each salesperson's activities or sales process.

By introducing SFA (sales support system), it becomes possible to record business negotiations, such as "when", "who", and "what kind of sales activities", and to manage sales forecasts by accuracy.

By visualizing the sales process, it is possible to understand what kind of problems are occurring in a case, and by solving them as an organization, it is possible to conduct high-quality sales activities.

When choosing an SFA (sales support system), salespeople should be able to easily access customer information and case information on their laptops or smartphones, even when they are out of the office, before visiting customers.

A recommended SFA that is easy to implement even for small and medium-sized companies is SlimTime's SFA "Sugar Spot".

It is reasonably priced at 1,500 yen per person per month, has excellent operability, and can be linked to smartphones and PCs, so you can check customer information on your smartphone right before a customer meeting.

The free trial period is 30 days, and all support is free, including the free trial period, so try out this excellent SFA.

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